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COVID-19 testing near you in Frisco Dallas-Fort Worth 

Bloom Health Frisco offers the most accurate COVID-19 antibody and PCR diagnostic testing available in Texas. Our state-of-the-art Frisco clinic offers a safe, private, and convenient testing location. Book your appointment online or call us at +1(877) 727-4319
Our Tests: Our Frisco location offers two types of testing: PCR testing determines if you are currently infected with COVID-19 by analyzing a nasal swab sample. Antibody testing determines if you’ve developed antibodies against the COVID-19 virus by analyzing a blood test sample.
In-Clinic & Curbside Individual Testing: All office patients should make an appointment to ensure the highest standard of care and privacy. From a private, sanitized room our technicians will collect and register a sample within minutes. Patients will receive an e-mail with instructions to access a secure patient portal to view your results within 3 – 5 days after your visit.

Onsite Workforce Testing: Bloom’s Onsite Workforce COVID-19 Testing provides a continuous testing program to ensure your employees can return to work and continue working in a safe environment. The program can be customized to your company needs based on employee size, facilities, and scheduling.

Clinic Address
255 W Lebanon Road, Suite 124
Frisco, TX 75034

Business Hours
Mon-Fri: 9AM – 5PM

the most accurate PCR & antibody testing avaliable

book your appointment at +1(877) 727-4319

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