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Onsite Workforce COVID-19 Testing

restore confidence & safety with onsite COVID-19 testing for employees

As the nation’s workforce begins to gradually return to work, Bloom’s Onsite Workforce Covid-19 Testing program provides your employees with a rapid results with safe and convenient sample collection. Our program includes initial testing of all employees followed by bi-weekly testing thereafter. We meet the unique needs of our clients by customizing our service to support your facility, location, and staff.
why test with Bloom?
At Bloom, we understand the necessity for comfort and security in these uncertain times. Our focus is on bringing together state-of-the-art scientific platforms, easy-to-use technology, and premium customer service to offer a tailored solution to the workforce.

Optimized On-Site Diagnostics

We’ve optimized on-site diagnostics, greatly reducing waiting time and testing invasiveness.

Logistical Experts

We can tailor programs to administer every aspect of you internal testing initiatives

We Can Be Wherever You Are

Bloom can deploy dedicated teams of scientists and healthcare professionals anywhere in the US.

We can’t end COVID directly,
but we can help keep it out of your offices.

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